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After appointing over 200 students
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Projects for Summer, Impact and Fall Semester 2014 that are left after Discovery Weekend are now available. CLICK HERE to download the updated PRINTABLE Summer, Impact & Fall Semester 2014 Positions List!

To apply for Summer, Impact, or Fall Semester Projects, CALL 817-277-4077 or email, then CLICK HERE to apply!

To apply for CMC3 Campus Missionary Intern or Outreach and Evangelism Campus Missionary Intern, CLICK HERE! This is a different application process.

Go Now Missions Positions List

One by One
Come use your gifts to help us reach our city for Jesus Christ. Serve and lead in apartment Bible studies, working with children, youth, and/or adults. You will also help us receive, sort, and distribute clothes, food, household items, and furniture so that people in need will be cared for in Jesus' name. Tent revivals, Summer Camps, carnivals, school supplies, and so much more, is all a part of the fun. This will be an intense summer of service that you will never forget as you serve others one by one.
Location: Arlington, TX
Special Requirements: None.
Dates: May 20, 2014-June 3, 2014
Team: 3 Students still needed
Amount You Raise: $300 (total cost of project $500)

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