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Projects for Summer, Impact and Fall Semester 2014 that are left after Discovery Weekend are now available. CLICK HERE to download the updated PRINTABLE Summer, Impact & Fall Semester 2014 Positions List!

To apply for Summer, Impact, or Fall Semester Projects, CALL 817-277-4077 or email, then CLICK HERE to apply!

To apply for CMC3 Campus Missionary Intern or Outreach and Evangelism Campus Missionary Intern, CLICK HERE! This is a different application process.

Go Now Missions Positions List

G3S2-Global Field Support
Greater Good Global Support Services (G3S2) is looking for qualified students and recent graduates to join our team! We need a well rounded & motivated individual to help G3S2 administration daily tasks, including regular communications with missions field personnel via Internet and phones to assess the current needs they may have personally or in their ministry. You should have experience with computers, troubleshooting, and internet research as well as strong interpersonal and written communication, with a focus on email and phone skills. G3S2 interns learn by doing. Each is encouraged to pursue projects that fit his or her unique set of skills, abilities, and passions. G3S2 values are responsiveness, creativity, and empathy for the cross-cultural greater good workers we serve. Time spent at G3S2 is an essential stepping stone on the path to any global career. All of our work is applicable to a number of professions. We also work with humanitarian workers in addition to missions personnel. Our history is tied to Christian missions and our interest is in training the next group of qualified people who want or think they might want to do missions work. After having done an internship with G3S2, you will definitely be better equipped for success in the missions world. If you need an internship for credit, it is possible to work with your university to make this count.
Location: Meridian, TX
Special Requirements: Experience with computers, troubleshooting, and internet research. Strong interpersonal and written communication a must, with a focus on email and phone skills. Self-motivated, flexible individual, who enjoys the challenge of problem solving.
Dates: May 26, 2014-Aug 8, 2014
Team: 1 Student still needed
Amount You Raise: $1380 (total cost of project $2300)

Leadership Boot Camp
You will become the summer youth minister to kids in city parks of our city. You will feed kids a nutritious lunch and engage them in Bible Storying and recreational activities, creating a safe place for them. Over half the population of the entire state lives in Anchorage, and is ethnically diverse. The neighborhood parks that we target are impoverished, and the children need positive role models. Our goal is to raise generations of Alaskans who KNOW CHRIST. You will minister to Hmongs, Samoans, North Africans, Alaska Natives and Anglos. You will join work that has been started in many of these parks, so seeds have been planted. You need to be prepared to share the Gospel as well as plant more seeds. You need to be creative, outgoing, multi-tasking, physically fit, able to take initiative, hard-working, hospitable, approachable, positive, responsive to change, outdoorsy, sensitive to the Spirit, and alert to your surroundings. Be ready for an outdoor adventure! Be ready to have a child grab your heart! Be ready for God to change your life!
Location: Anchorage, AK
Special Requirements: Need physically fit, hard working, mature students, that are attuned to children. Ready for spiritually hard environment.
Dates: May 21, 2014-Aug 3, 2014
Team: 3 Males still needed
Amount You Raise: $3300 (total cost of project $5600)

Loving Northeast Neighborhood
Come help our church reach out, minister, and show love to unchurched, unreached, at-risk children in our neighborhood. Use Backyard Bible Clubs, Reading Clubs and Gardening Clubs as your outreach tools. Schedule monthly field trips with the children to the local Mission Centers of Houston. You will also disciple and mentor students in spiritual disciplines and assist with some clerical and administrative work at the church. If you are kind, caring, organized, a self-starter, and have a heart for the oppressed, come show Love to Northeast Houston!
Location: Houston, TX
Special Requirements: Sophomore or above (in second year of college after high school graduation). Must be a member of a Baptist church. Multi-tasking, organized, reliable, self-starter, with an eye for details, and a heart for the oppressed.
Dates: June 2, 2014-Aug 11, 2014
Team: 2 Students (same gender) still needed
Amount You Raise: $1000 (total cost of project $1800)

Mining City Ministry
Come to a colorful mining city -- rich in history, surrounded by mountains, and the home of Montana Tech. During the summer, our ministry focus turns toward the families in our community. Much of what we do in the summer is outdoors! Wed. night services are in the park. You would either help with the children or adult Bible study. We take a church wide camping trip and host 3 Sunday worship services outdoors. We participate in three major community event: a Folk Music Festival, July 4th celebration and Evil Knievel Days. You need to be willing to spend time with members of the church and community in other outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. There is also the possibility of helping with some paining and mild constructions projects around the church. We are looking for outgoing students, ready to engage our community and encourage our church members by sharing Jesus as you share life. Come ready to learn, to grow and to give.
Location: Butte, MT
Special Requirements: Outward focused students, comfortable meeting new people. Comfortable with outdoor activities like a 4 mile hike, fishing, and camping. If you have passport, bring it as there is the possibility of going into Canada. (Passport not required)
Dates: May 20, 2014-Aug 9, 2014
Team: 2 Students still needed
Amount You Raise: $1095 (total cost of project $1825)

Missionary to Refugees
The greatest complaint of the refugee is loneliness. God is bringing the 10/40 window right to your doorstep! You have the opportunity to work with and live among people from Iraq, Iran, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Bhutan, Sudan and Somalia as 1,500 refugees are resettled into the Fort Worth area. Join the World Relief staff in ministry to these international refugees during the first few months of their arrival in the US. Through tasks like setting up furniture, picking refugees up from the airport, being an English partner, or taking refugees to run errands, you will become the very first American friend these refugees will make. Students will be expected to be in the office, working alongside caseworkers, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. These will not be your only work hours, as you will be forming cross-cultural friendships and living among the refugee families. Patience and love are a must as refugees learn basic life skills and struggle through adjustments to their new life in America. Will you work with and befriend refugees this summer?
Location: Ft. Worth, TX
Special Requirements: At least one student will need to take car.
Dates: May 27, 2014-Aug 8, 2014
Team: 1 Female still needed
Amount You Raise: $1600 (total cost of project $2800)

Motor City Ministry—P52
Michigan holds the largest and still growing Muslim population in the United States and the second largest Arab population outside of the Middle East. Dearborn and Detroit reflect this Arab American growth pattern. Outreach in Dearborn and Detroit is primarily focused around marketplace ministry. You will work with local missionaries and church representatives to engage Muslims in the town markets, parks, and cultural centers. You will teach ESL, utilize Any 3 Evangelism, and purposefully serve the needy while gospelizing the lost. In the home of Henry Ford, the American father of the automobile, you will impact a multi-ethnic culture with strong religious heritage, showing that the sacrifice of Christ is the only vehicle for Salvation. Join this team of fellow peers to reach the unreached in the Motor City!
Location: Detroit/Dearborn, MI
Special Requirements: Overall good health, able to walk a great deal daily and use public transportation.
Dates: May 29, 2014-Aug 1, 2014
Team: 1 Student still needed
Amount You Raise: $1700 (total cost of project $2900)

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