Activities Intern

Season: Summer 2024 (not published)

Date: May 20 - Aug. 1, 2024

Description: At STCH Ministries you will get the opportunity to have a relationship-based ministry. You will get to meet and live with some of the most amazing kids in this world who come from all kinds of places and backgrounds. They range in ages 0-17 and have been placed at the home for various reasons, none that are pretty or simple. All are working through their situations and traumas. But what you get to do this summer's come and love on them with the love of Jesus through activities. Those activities will range from playing games in our gym, swimming, and taking trips to places like the aquarium, ice skating, and laser tag. You will help lead activities, supervise kids, and be servants to our house parents and staff. The most important thing that you will do is build loving relationships with our kids that will point them to Christ. It will be somewhat physically demanding, but the love you will develop for these kids and the impact you will have on their lives makes it all worth it.

Location: Pettus, TX

Team: 2 Students

Amount you raise: 780 (1040 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: Need students who love kids, love Jesus, and are servant hearted. Able to participate in most physical activities like tag, volleyball, lots of walking, and maybe sometimes running.