Engage Internship

Season: Summer 2024 (not published)

Date: May 20 -July 2, 2024

Description: With hundreds of clients enrolled annually in programs at Engage Houston, you can be part of bringing lasting change to someone’s life. Each of the men, women, or children you will befriend comes from Muslim countries where they have never heard the Gospel. As you help them on their journey to mastering the English language, you grant them access to the largest resource of Biblical teaching and study available on the planet. But, above all, your friendship and guidance towards Jesus is the crown jewel of your internship. In parallel programs, you might assist with citizenship classes, home visiting, After School Club, an English camp, and community events. You will have an assigned mentor, readings, discussions, and seminars with the staff that has a combined ministry experience of over 150 years as you learn how to reach Muslim people.

Location: Houston, TX

Team: 2 Students. One student must bring a car.

Amount you raise: 1930 (2970 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: Must be a Sophomore or above (in second year of college after high school graduation). Mature in faith, displays a teachable spirit, gifted or excels at hospitality.