Season: Example (not published)

Date: May 31 - July 24, 2023

Description: Come join a network of existing churches and church plants called NoCO Church Planting Network located in the fastest growing area in Colorado. You will help in two church plants located between Longmont (north Denver) and Fort Collins/Loveland area. These new churches focus on young professionals and young families. The church plants are relational in nature and do missional activity to love/serve their city first as they start a church. We are more interested in planting the Gospel into the lives of the people. We utilize servant and relational evangelism, home Bible study fellowships and scouting/serving and outreaches to families with young children. You need to be willing to build bridges with people of varying generations and worldviews that are often outside of the church culture. You will learn to identify spiritually open people by applying the “persons of peace” strategy in Luke 10:2b-11, learn how to ask common-ground questions to gain understanding by hearing the person's story and then share God's story. The focus for our student mission interns is 3-fold: know God more, know yourself more, & know people (your field) more. We invest into the student interns as they invest their time into the people here. Mark 10:45 is key theme: here to serve, not to be served, even though your life will be deeply enriched and highly likely changed through your service!

Location: Loveland, CO

Team: 2 Females

Amount you raise: 750 (1000 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: You need to be outgoing with people you don’t know, have mature social skills, love investing in people, and get excited to see spiritual growth in the lives of others. Be a willing servant, love mercy, walk humbly with God, and have a growing relationship with Jesus. Willing to see how your passions and likes (sports, craft, interests) can be used to serve as platforms of building relationships. We recommend that you have been exposed to Colorado or out West. To serve in Colorado, you must commit yourself to a cross-cultural experience. Best are maturing students who have lived away from home with a solid work ethic and can relate to multiple generations easily. You need to like the outdoors and be able to be highly active (okay with using a bike from time to time as transportation). Spiritual gifts such as exhortation, mercy, evangelism, service, and administration are helpful. Organizational skills are not necessary but a willingness to understand how organizing, planning, and follow-through is important. Must be a Sophomore or above (in second year of college after high school graduation).