Land of Enchantment Traveling Team

Season: Summer 2024 (not published)

Date: May 21 - July 20, 2024

Description: You can expect to meet a lot of people as you serve alongside different churches around New Mexico. Your focus for the summer will be helping churches in any way that they need. You will travel around New Mexico serving a different church each week which means each week will be different. Many times, churches will need help leading or assisting in Vacation Bible School (VBS) or helping with youth events. For VBS, you could be asked to teach a class, lead crafts or recreation, or even help in the morning worship rallies. In the rest of your time, you could also be asked to help with community outreach, church renovation, or just partaking in church fellowship. Flexibility will be a key aspect of your summer as the possibilities of what you will be doing will be endless.

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Team: 1 Female. One student must be old enough to drive rental car.

Amount you raise: 2360 (3630 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: Willing to be flexible and to be open to being pushed out of comfort zone. Able to teach Bible study, do community outreach, help with church renovations/clean-up, and serve in anyway needed. Musical ability or Spanish speaking helpful but not required.