Medical Brigade

Season: Impact Teams 2024 (not published)

Date: July 6 - July 13, 2024

Description: Assist in medical clinics alongside local churches in low income areas. You will help take personal information for each patient and organize it to share with the church leaders. You will also get to serve alongside the local Mexican physicians by making medicine available to the people and assisting with any other requests from the doctor. While patients are waiting to be seen, your team will have the opportunity to start spiritual conversation and opportunities to share the gospel in the waiting area.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Team: 1 Students, 1 Medical Professional Adult Coordinator (nurse or doctor)

Amount you raise: 850 (1265 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: MUST ALREADY HAVE A PASSPORT. Must be a Sophomore or above (in second year of college after high school graduation). Must be a nursing major, premed major, or medical student. Must be mature, willing to serve others, and able to present the gospel. Spanish speakers preferred but not required. If you do not speak Spanish, be willing to learn about the culture and traditions of Mexico to better understand the ministry. You must be vaccinated for: Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B.