Olympics Team

Season: Impact Teams 2024 (not published)

Date: July 21, 2024 - July 29, 2024 UPDATED

Description: God is giving you an opportunity to connect and proclaim the gospel to people from around the globe – many who otherwise do not have access to the gospel. The Olympic games shift the mindset of locals, whose hearts may be open to different ideas they hear from visitors. We are praying for God to use volunteers and partnerships to reach Parisians, the immigrants making up 40% of the Paris-area population, and the flood of athletes and visitors. This will be a multicultural endeavor reaching people of all nations as you focus on seed-sowing evangelistic efforts. Ministry will include service projects at local churches, relationship evangelism, and service points at the official Olympics program.

Location: Paris, France,

Team: 5 Students

Amount you raise: 3065 (4100 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: MUST ALREADY HAVE A PASSPORT. Willing to focus on service projects and people, not the games.