Recovery and Redemption

Season: Summer 2024 (not published)

Date: May 22 - July 31, 2024

Description: Dton Naam is a non-profit that entails three programs to help male and trans sex workers get out of prostitution and exploitative experiences. We walk alongside them through recovery and job training, and even help them finish any education they are interested in finishing. Our three programs include: Outreach - sharing weekly in three main Bangkok red light districts; Recovery - operating a full-time recovery program full of daily social work, support groups, and relevant classes our clients might need; Job Training - operating a small job training program inside a cafe/bakery. We are seeking students that have a heart for helping sexworkers find healing and healthier options, but also students studying relevant majors, such as social work, counseling, teaching, business, pastry chefs, and/or other related fields.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Team: 2 Students, Same Gender

Amount you raise: 3440 (4580 Total cost of project)

Special requirements: MUST ALREADY HAVE A PASSPORT. Must be a Sophomore or above (in second year of college after high school graduation). Must be eager, teachable, creative, optimistic, compassionate, and have a positive attitude. Individuals with experiences or majors related to social work, counseling, teaching, business, art therapy, marketing, baristaing, or baking. If you can get school credit, please let us know what that entails. Our team will mentor you. You must be vaccinated for: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, & Typhoid.